Testosterone Propionate Uses And Benefits


Testosterone propionate is used to stimulate the development and functioning of the external genitalia. This includes the prostate and seminal vesicles. It also helps with other secondary sexual characteristics in men such as the voice and hair. Testosterone propionate contributes to the sexual behavior in men through the stimulation of the libido and is important when it comes to potency.

Benefits of Testosterone propionate

Increase in muscle mass

When you use injectable testosterones you will get an increase in muscle mass. Many people who have used this have reported an increase in mass of lean muscles which have been great for those who participate in sports like body building. The muscle build up has also resulted in increased muscle strength which has helped in sustenance especially in sports that require a lot of time and energy such as athletics.

It helps in burning fat

Many people battle with fat burning. It is especially more frustrating when the right measures are taken to reduce the effect of thyroid which results in fat buildup. The use of testosterone propionate helps to reduce the accumulation of fat by burning any excess fat.


Increased libido

Men suffering from low sex drive are often quite frustrated especially when this affects their relationship. The rest of a man’s life is usually affected by low libido since it is a stress factor for many men. The use of testosterone propionate helps to increase potency and libido resulting to a healthier sex life and general wellbeing.

Reduced risk of ischemic heart disease

If you are at a risk of suffering from coronary and ischemic heart disease, the use of testosterone propionate will help you lower those risks through reduction of fat in the blood vessels as well as in the body. Instead it helps to build muscle which brings out the healthier you.

Helps in the early stages of hyper tension

If you are going through the early stages of hypertension and Angina, testosterone propionate will be of great help.

Disadvantages of Testosterone propionate

Works fast but wears out equally fast

Testosterone propionate is designed to work pretty first. You will feel the energy surge as soon as you inject it. However, this also means it will be utilized fast. This is fast testosterone ester that needs to be used daily if you would like to continue seeing the impact caused by it.

When you use this propionate, it will not retain any water or if it does, it is very little. This means that even when it comes to weightloss, it will take a longer time with it because water is very important when it comes to weight management.

Possible side effects of using testosterone propionate

Development of acne and pimples

Some people who have used injectable testosterones have complained about the appearance of acne and pimples on their skin after extensive use.

Hair loss

Although it is based on an individual’s characteristics, some people have complained of hair loss while others have complained of active hair growth on the body. Of course propionate works with other hormones in the body and for some people, it works differently based on the amount of hormones in their body at the time of use of the propionate.

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